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Vet Consultations

Seeing the vet if your pet is poorly

If your pet is unwell, please call Christchurch Vets to book a consultation. Our team has vast experience and will offer a caring examination, ensuring your pet is as calm as can be expected.

During the consultation, you can explain your concerns, and your vet will likely ask several questions. Dogs and cats cannot talk, but they can let you know how they feel in other ways. Our vets will pick up information from the animal’s demeanour; the way it walks or holds its head.

There will likely be a physical examination, checking the ears, eyes and mouth. Your vet will probably have a feel of the abdomen, take the animal’s temperature, perform limb manipulation and listen to the heartbeat.

It might be you are the best person to hold on to your pet during a physical examination, to help him or her to keep calm. Otherwise, a nurse might be asked to help.

Often, we’ll make a diagnosis on the spot, and if necessary, recommend a course of treatment. Sometimes, a case needs further investigation, and there may be a blood or urine test, or use of our full range of diagnostic equipment.

At all times, we’ll keep you informed about our findings and the potential treatment costs.

If you’d like to introduce your new puppy or kitten to us, we have a range of money-saving new puppy and kitten packages.

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Treating your pet

At the consultation, your vet may recommend treatment at Christchurch Street. We offer a complete range of services and the capability to carry out routine surgical procedures on-site, with our exceptional theatre and wards.

Should your pet need a more serious operation, we’re fortunate to run the Christchurch Referral Centre in Tuddenham Road. There, we can undertake more complicated soft tissue, orthopaedic and spinal surgery, among other delicate operations.

We even have an MRI and CT scanner at the Referral Centre, providing the most advanced diagnostics in the area.

You can be sure our caring staff will lovingly look after your pet while it is with us.